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Filesonic Download Help

If you are having hard time to download the application or game you want the most. here i would show simple tips on how to make it easy. no more blaming that you can't follow through because every moment is captured to guide you through.

First after Clicking the download Image. you would be directed to a window the same as below.
You'll need to scroll your window to see the Slow Download Button.
Just Click Slow Download

Next thing is to wait about 30seconds or longer if your file is bigger.

You'll need to confirm that you are human by entering captha on the space provided.

If you are having trouble in reading the captha, you can click refresh for it to generate new captha.

Once done and successfully written the right captha you will see that you were now ready to start the download.

you were now ready to copy it and install into your phone.Enjoy!